4wd Upper Control Arms

A question that commonly comes up is "Do I need upper control arms when installing a lift kit?"

To answer this question we first need to understand the problem, Vehicle's are designed with suspension and alignment geometry to work well at factory ride height, When installing a lift kit and changing the ride height this geometry ends up outside of the desired specification and the effective range on the factory camber and caster adjustment points are not enough to correctly compensate for this change. Raised IFS vehicles with no alignment correction products will often have the caster setting sacrificed to achieve a neutral camber setting - The symptoms of a low caster angle are.

    • Reduced steering feel and return to centre
    • High-speed instability
    • Wandering - Follows road surface
    • Uneven tyre wear


The difference in drivability and feel of a vehicle with the correct alignment products VS an equal car that does not is significant, You should always consider the products recommended for your vehicle to ensure long term optimal trouble-free operation.

We only use quality control arms for 4WD vehicles from the following Australian companies.


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