Wheel Alignment & Chassis Setup

Wheel Alignment - $180

This charge covers the first hour, most alignments will be completed in this time however some will require extra time (Charged at $120 P/H) for example vehicles with off-car adjustable arms, classic vehicles which may require shims or vehicles that have had a large amount of new adjustable components installed. If you have just installed new components please ensure all mounts and adjustment points have been tightened, if you are unsure and would like us to look over the vehicle first you will need to also book a vehicle inspection.

Corner Balance - $450

Essential for final suspension setup, please ensure your vehicle is presented at complete race weight for the best result.

Vehicle Inspection - $100

Initial consultation / Vehicle condition report / Fault Finding & Inspection of DIY or 3rd party installations.

Coilover / Height Adjustment - $120

Ride height, spring preload and static shock length adjustment ( 1 Hour )

Back Order / Booking Deposit - $200

If we have asked you to provide a deposit to have parts ordered or to secure a booking that involves the supply of parts you can process this HERE

Feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to discuss which type of booking may suit your requirements

P: 03 9305 1448