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Koni - Shock Absorbers

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  • Navara D40 2005 - 2015

When asphalt comes to an end; and gravel, dirt and dust are too tempting, HEAVY TRACK® 4x4 shock absorbers by KONI are the ideal all-terrain option.

These shock absorbers will deliver optimum road holding and comfort both on and off road.HEAVY TRACK® shock absorbers from KONI are perfect ‘all road’ shock absorbers.

Product Features

  • Twin-tube hydraulic and gas hydraulic
  • 50mm to 55mm outer body diameter
  • 33mm piston with Teflon coated Band
  • For standard and raised applications
  • Rebound adjustable and serviceable
  • Proven in the 4WD industry for years

Part Numbers

  • Front - 90-5450
  • Rear - 90-5451

Installation Available 

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